Bespoke Listing for Stacie Mortimer

Bespoke Listing for Stacie Mortimer

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50 x Navy, Orange and Ivory Wedding Invites

- Navy Pocketfold
- Burnt Orange Backer
- Ivory Main Invite
- Ivory Details sheet with QR code (x40)
- Ivory Menu (x10)
- Burnt Orange Accommodation Insert (x10)
- Ivory RSVP with menu choice to rear (x10)
- Ivory RVSP Envelope with Returns address printing (x10)
- Gold Wax Seal
- White Bunny Tail, Phalaris & Mini Daisies 
- Ivory Outer Envelopes 


40 x Navy, Orange and Ivory Evening Guest Invites

- Navy Backer
- Burnt Orange Backer
- Ivory Evening Invite
- Ivory Outer Envelopes 

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