Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Acrylic adds a whole new level of luxury to your wedding invitations! Acrylic can be enhanced much like luxury papers, printed with inks, gold and rose gold foiling or even paired with a gorgeous vellum wrap!  

Like papers, acrylic comes in different styles too, so if you’re looking for something a little fancier why not check out a mirrored acrylic invite design – we just love this design idea – it’s so flashy! What’s more, there a clear or frosted options so you can pair the design to the one most perfect for your day. 

Aside from invites, you can use acrylic for much of your other stationery too, so you don’t have to just stop at acrylic invites, think table plans, welcome signs, table décor and so much more.  

Broaden your wedding stationery horizons and explore this elegant selection of acrylic stationery styles! 

24 products

24 products