What should I include in my wedding invitations?

Venue booked. Photographer hunt underway. Finding the perfect outfit commenced. It’s now time to share the date of your upcoming nuptials with the friends and family you love, which means only one thing… invites! It isn’t every day you need to find wedding stationery so we understand it may be difficult to remember all the little details you need to include in your wedding invitations, that’s why we’ve pulled together a checklist of the top things to include to help take the pressure off!
Wedding Stationery
Separate invitations to your day or evening affair are essential as you want to make it completely obvious to your guests as to which part of your day they are invited to. Tell them the location, what time they need to be there and when they need to book carriages for. The last thing you want is stragglers at the end of your big day!
Itinerary Slip for Wedding Invitations
Your itinerary slip could be made up of several items, so we’ve included some ideas below.
Ensure your guests don’t get lost with a detailed map, an address with a postcode for the sat nav and you might want to include some simple, easy-to-follow directions. It’s also a good idea to do the research for them, so include public transport options and numbers for local taxi companies for those who choose not to drive. Everyone enjoys a tipple or two at a wedding, right?
If you’ve got guests coming from all over the country, offer them details of some local hotels and B&Bs within a range of budgets – your guests will value your opinion on local accommodation and doing the work for them really does make their job easier.
If you’re going to have a lot of guests needing overnight accommodation, it’s worthwhile speaking to your venue (if they have rooms) or some local hotels to see if they’re open to giving you a discounted rate if a certain number of rooms are booked.
Other information
Have you had any thoughts on gifts? Perhaps you’d like to share the link to your wedding gift list with your guests or let them know if you’d prefer some contributions towards your honeymoon or charity.
Are there any stipulations about attending your big day? Were you thinking of making it adult only or is there a dress code you’d like your guests to follow? Well, this is your chance to tell them.
Wedding RSVP
Make replying to your invite easy; that way your guests have no excuse for not letting you know! A traditional RSVP is a slip which offers a place for your proposed guests to complete their names and some simple tick boxes to say ‘yes, we can make it’ or ‘no we can’t join you but enjoy your day.’ You may also want to include an area where guests can let you know any special dietary requirements so you can ensure you’re catering for them all. You can include your address on the other side and an obvious space for a stamp to return it.
An alternative RSVP method is via email. To be sure replies don’t get muddled in with your day-to-day inbox, create an email address and mailbox designated for the wedding. It will make your life so much easier!
An Outer Envelope
Of course, you’ll need an outer envelope to keep all your inserts together. The colour of your envelope will encapsulate your stationery theme, and you can even look to add some extra special finishes such as a patterned envelope lining or by sealing it shut with a custom wax seal.
If you want to discuss your options for your wedding stationery, please get in touch and our specialist team will be happy to help!
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